Audio/Visual Production

Audio/Visual Production


There are several video and audio production facilities on campus available to be reserved for your production needs. Please reach out to the contact listed or visit their website for reservation and cost details.

AZPM Production Studios

AZPM features two in-house studios, 600 and 1,000 sq feet with all the amenities (green screens, TV screens, multi camera virtual sets), 6 videographers and 5 editors, and radio and audio recording studios with full mastering facilities. Our team can support all your production needs.

Contact: Shawn Teague,

SBS Tech Studios

574 sq. ft. studio designed to be used by faculty, students, staff, and guests for various video production needs.

Contact: Arturo Tovar,

Photo and Video Equipment

Audio and recording equipment, cameras and accessories, and more technology are available to borrow from the University Libraries. Check out Borrow technology for your photo, audio and video needs.



BioCommunications Video Production

The BioCommunications video production studio is a fully equipped, 25ft x25ft, studio with professional lighting, audio and 4K HD video capabilities. There is also a teleprompter available as well as several different background curtains (black, blue and white) and a "green screen" floor and wall for keying any background desired.

Contact: Ricky Bergeron,

University Center for Assessment, Teaching and Technology

Professional storytellers who are experts in making faculty feel comfortable in front of the camera. We cover pre and post- production services, too. As our main focus is building online courses for faculty in AZ Online, Global Campus and iCourses, we are very busy, but we are happy to help as capacity allows.

Contact: Luis Carrion,

Haskell Recording Studio

The UA Jeffrey Haskell Recording Studio is a premier facility with state-of-the-art and vintage gear, cutting-edge computing, premium electronics, and an excellent microphone collection. Our spaces include the main studio, Crowder Hall, and Holsclaw Hall. Located in room 57 of the Music Building's basement, we serve UA students, faculty, and staff.

Contact:  Wiley Ross

University Libraries Media Spaces

Record podcasts and audio or video files in a soundproof space, use green screen to add virtual backgrounds or explore augmented and virtual realities at these studios located at the Main Library.

Documentary Film Development & Production

An award-winning documentary team that believes in the power of sharing personal and untold stories about scientists and the communities they serve. Landmark Stories is a program of the Arizona Experiment Station's Communications and Cyber Technology lab. Contact us if you have a story idea or are interested in collaborating on a cinematic, character-driven documentary film project.

Contact: Sandra Westdahl,

Essential Production Resources

Filming on-campus

For on-campus filming, visit our Filming on Campus page.

Filming off-campus

For resource and permits for off-campus filming, contact Visit Tucson.