Our Brand

Our Brand


What our brand is, why it is important and how to express it.

What is a Brand?

A Brand Is Not Just a Logo or Tagline.

A Brand is a promise – one we make to our core audiences. Our brand perception is what these audiences think, feel and respond to when they see or hear the name “the University of Arizona.”

Brands Are Built on Consistency.

As staff, faculty and students, we are brand ambassadors with the responsibility to protect our brand and shape perceptions of the University through the consistency and clarity of our communications.

We Are Brand Ambassadors

We all have an important job. The strength of our brand  is realized through cohesive application over time by all of us. Our news of the University's research and innovation impact, plus branded creative elements communicate our personality and create emotional connections with our audiences while differentiating us from our competitors.

What Makes Us Uniquely Arizona?

Our Brand Platform or Value Proposition: Imagination Drives Resolve

Every day, we embody the idea that the impossible is possible. We approach everything from our students and our state to the planet and beyond with a drive toward innovation and impact.

These ideas are based on six brand pillars that guide all our marketing and communications:

Of the Desert

Embracing the rich heritage of the land and people around us, we adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Limitless Possibility

Curious about ourselves, others and the universe, we see challenges as opportunities.

Driving Force of Change

Always improving, we think ahead to future generations.

Purposeful Research

We work together to expand human potential, explore new horizons and enrich life for all.

Power of Perspectives

Together, our impact is far greater than what we could achieve alone.

"Bear Down!"

We embody a spirit of confident perseverance.

The Brand Portal

Arizona Brand

This portal is your home for all tools needed to express our Arizona brand visually through our:

Voice & Tone

We have outlined our brand personality with guidelines on how to express our authentic identity in all of your communications.

Digital Asset Library

Additionally, brand standards including design templates and other assets and resources can all be found on the Digital Asset Library.

Brand Campaign

The University of Arizona brand campaign is the external expression of our brand platform. Learn more about our current brand campaign.

Example of UArizona's Wonder campaign advertisements

Strategic Brand and Marketing Services

The Marketing & Brand Management and Campus Brand Engagement teams work with colleges and units on their strategic positioning. This can include a variety of projects, from creating distinct brand elements or a messaging matrix for your college to guidance on a photo/video shoot or name development for a new or current entity. If you are interested in strengthening this connection or if you have a high-profile or student-facing project you would like strategic assistance with, reach out to Jenna Rutschman (academic units) and Frank Camp (non-academic units).