Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising


Digital Advertising is paid outreach through online channels such as social media, search, video, display advertising and email. Many departments, colleges and units at Arizona utilize this medium to reach their audiences. Marketing & Communications helps guide you on how to partner with us if you’re already advertising online, or how to jump in if you’re interested!

What is Digital Advertising?

The types of ad media formats for digital ads can include text, image, audio and video, all of which can help achieve various business goals from the top of the funnel with brand awareness, to lower funnel goals such as signing up for orientation or submitting a request for information. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact

The main advantage of digital advertising is its flexibility and precision with real-time measurement and optimization to reach your campaign goals.


To officially represent the University on Google and Facebook through advertising, you need to become a part of our verified brand/umbrella accounts. Even if you already are advertising on Google/Meta/Bing, please reach out to us to get you verified!

*Note: we cannot support or troubleshoot campaigns or issues with your Google or Facebook accounts if they are not verified by the University and under the brand’s official umbrella accounts.

Become Verified:
Benefits of Verifying Your Accounts:
  • Assistance with managing user access
  • Accounts able to use an official email
  • Able to verify accounts for authenticity
  • Help with Google support and troubleshooting

Best Practices & Resources

Content and design for digital ads can vary significantly from print. Placement owners (Google, Facebook) often have requirements for spacing, amount of text and even calls to action in order for ads to be approved to run. Browse the resources below for information on how to not only adhere to the University of Arizona brand while creating content and ads, but also how to adhere to the platform’s standards, and even check what your competitors are running!

How We Can Help

If you’re not sure where to start, or you need guidance on how to adhere to brand standards and guidelines, we work with a number of partners, inside and outside of campus, that can consult, or even execute digital marketing for you.

Revamping your website? University Marketing & Communications contracts with these vendors for services. These Digital Tools can help optimize the performance of your site. If you have questions or interest in utilizing these vendors please contact Henry Greenberg, Director of Web Experience, for more information.

  • Userlytics for UX testing tools
  • Lucky Orange for use of website optimization tools like heatmaps and session recordings

Does your team have plans to launch a digital advertising campaign? The agency of record for paid media is MetricsEdge. Please reach out to Maria Cardenas and coordinate an introduction to the agency partners and process for executing digital marketing campaigns.