Photography is reflective of who we are as a brand. It helps us tell our stories and helps our audiences visualize themselves at the University of Arizona.

How to Approach Photography

For high-visibility projects, consider hiring a professional photographer. Please keep in mind the proper legal considerations and approvals needed when doing so.

The Marketing & Brand Management and Campus Brand Engagement teams may have also uploaded relevant photos from recent photoshoots to the Digital Asset Library. Simply enter your keyword(s) into the search bar. Or we may have a similar photo shoot in the works. Reach out to to find out.

The exception for using polished photos when it comes to high-visibility platforms is Social Media, and here’s why.

Social Media

A good photo asset for social media is based on the composition and style of the photo, not the equipment used to take it. A cellphone is a great tool to capture authentic, in the moment social content that is relevant to our prospective and current student audiences.

When taking photos for social media, keep in mind that the majority of users are accessing these platforms on their own cell phone. It is important that photos are well-lit, in focus and close enough on the subject to make it easy to see the purpose of it.

What makes an on-brand photo?

Photos that are considered “on-brand” bring our six brand pillars to life. In other words, they reinforce what makes us unique in a captivating way that creates a sense of place, shows our diverse community and amplifies our spirit. In addition, we avoid dark silhouettes in front of a setting sun; maroon, purple and gold attire; and stock photography whenever possible.

Brand Pillars

  • Of the Desert
  • Limitless Possibility
  • Driving Force of Universal Change
  • Purposeful Research
  • Power of Perspectives
  • "Bear Down!"


Overall, here is what we want every photo to feel and look like:


Differentiating - it does not look like the traditional “three and a tree” staged photos universities often use. Rather, we capture authentic moments of ideation, creation and impact.

UArizona faculty member
UArizona student in Catalyst studio with Goggles on
UArizona student studying in Biosphere 2


Compelling - our photography captures attention and stops viewers in their tracks because of its natural beauty or intrigue. The viewer almost wants to guess the story in progress or befriend the individual(s) we’re showing.

Students taking a selfie on UArizona campus
UArizona student studying
UArizona student in front of graffiti wall


Light and bright - living in the desert, we have incredible skies that are important to include. In our case, the sky is not the limit and even when taking photos of interiors or darker spaces, they should feel light (not heavy) and inviting.

Woman wearing Hispanic Heritage clothing outside of a red door
Male student hiking in Tucson
Two law students walking down the stairs


Emotive - we capture authentic moments that don’t require any words to express the emotion we’re trying to show.

Woman and fellow student laughing while studying
Student weightlifting at the gym
Three students at UArizona commencement
  • All models and photo participants need to sign a release form (here is the Spanish version), granting ownership of the footage to the University of Arizona for use in any current and/or future productions
  • When there are bystander students in the vicinity of your photoshoot, you will need to print and post the “notice of photography” poster (24x36in) in locations where they may be entering/exiting
  • Understand copyright regulations for all purchased content, such as photography, B-roll, music, etc.

Production Considerations:

  • Add site/location to existing content
  • General Call Sheet Template
  • General Wardrobe Guidelines:
    • We recommend talent wears what they would normally wear to campus except please avoid large logos, complex patterns, half-shirts that show their belly button, high-cut shorts, graphic tees that aren't University of Arizona branded, and the colors maroon, gold and purple.
  • Will you need to reserve a hair/makeup vendor(s)?
  • If you are hiring hair/makeup or lighting 3rd party vendors, please work with your business office to ensure the appropriate hiring process is being followed.
  • If you are hiring a 3rd party to handle production, the University will need to own the copyright to all of the work. For details, see Rights & Releases


Once your photo shoot selections are approved by the appropriate stakeholders, you can post them to the Digital Asset Library and share them with your colleagues. Please contact and we’ll work with you to ingest the assets.