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Utilizing data-driven insights and user-focused web strategies, will help you understand your target audience better, optimize your website for conversions and create digital marketing campaigns that drive results. Grow your online presence while continuously optimizing the functionality and design of your websites.


A Complete, Customized Drupal

Using Drupal as our content management system (CMS), Quickstart is a custom, University of Arizona-branded version of Bootstrap. Quickstart is also a mobile-first HTML, CSS and Javascript framework. We are continuously working to make this tool accessible, flexible and highly customizable, with security and University branding built in.

Responsive web design for UArizona websites

Built by Arizona Digital

A team of web-focused volunteers known as Arizona Digital meets weekly to build, test and iterate on products like Arizona Bootstrap and Quickstart.


An Agile, Iterative Approach

We believe web development and design are best informed by data and user research. No matter the size or scale of your web projects, taking an agile and iterative approach will result in quick wins and long-term growth across your website’s presence.

Step 1: Discover

Analytics, UX research, user testing, SEO, ideation, etc.

Step 2: Design

Wireframing and prototypes for UX and UI, focusing on the target audience and user behavior.

Step 3: Build

Develop your website or landing page changes in the CMS, bringing functionality to the design.


Step 4: Test & Launch

QA testing on improvements to the UI (across devices and browsers), User testing, etc.

Step 5: Iterate

Empathize with the user, measure analytics and CVR, and continue making improvements over time.

Step 6: Repeat

Review each step to identify successes and consider further reassessment and feedback.


Arizona Sites

Arizona Sites are fully developed Drupal sites managed by Campus Web Services, quickly delivering professionally designed customizable websites that require minimal to no development expertise.

This “site-in-a-box” offering provides a platform for campus to create Drupal sites that are robust and flexible enough to meet the various needs of department and college websites.


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Contribute to Quickstart development
  • Request an invite to the Friday Arizona Digital meetings by subscribing to the UA Digital listserv
  • Join the Arizona Digital discussions on Slack
  • Submit pull request on Github
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Contact the Digital Marketing team
  • Browse the Marketing team directory to find the right contact from the Web Experience, Web Development or Marketing Media digital teams for further guidance and resources.