Convocation & Commencement Marketing Information

Convocation & Commencement Marketing Information


Details and resources for marketing your college’s convocation and how this differs from Commencement.

Convocations are small-setting ceremonies designed and organized by individual colleges. Similarly, graduation celebrations are events to honor students in special interest groups and their achievements. Both events are organized and coordinated by schools, colleges or student groups and are not associated with Commencement.

Commencement is the university-wide ceremony organized by Presidential Events & University Ceremonies, held annually in Arizona Stadium in celebration of all graduating Wildcats. This event typically features recognition of high student honors, honorary degrees and a keynote speaker along with a special finale at the conclusion of the event. Commencement marks the official conferring of degrees, and there is an Arizona Board of Regent’s representative present for the ceremony.

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Stoles are available to order for colleges and schools (and some other campus units), but not for majors or minors. If your unit has a logo suite, that is an indication that you can order a stole for graduation regalia.

Stoles are also available for order for student clubs if they follow the "Block A” logo usage guidelines and order through approved university vendors. Stoles ordered through the University of Arizona BookStores will follow their processes and approved vendors guidelines.


University of Arizona stole examples



Please note: Gonfalons are not ordered or used for Commencement and Presidential Events & University Ceremonies does not facilitate ordering gonfalons for convocations. However, you may still order these on your own.

If your college would like to order gonfalons for your convocation ceremony to physically represent your schools or departments, your college must take on the cost. You can order through an approved university vendor. Marketing & Brand Management recommends:

University of Arizona gonfalons